Unfortunately, many of us may face litigation over unpaid debts. It has become a reality for more Americans over the last five years than ever before. Job loss, divorce, or any number of other reasons can be the root cause. Whatever the reason you find yourself in this situation, here are a few litigation myths that you should be aware of.

  • I have to appear in court on the answer date. No, the answer date is the last day to present a written answer to the collectors suit. This is not a hearing date. If you fail to answer, the collector will win the suit, so do not ignore this date altogether.
  • I need to tell the judge why I did not pay the debt. This is the worst thing that you could do. An explanation is as much as an admission of owing the debt and you will most likely have a judgment awarded against you.
  • The judge will help me in court. No, the judge is not there to help you stumble through the process. If you fail to prove your case, you will lose. If the debt is fairly large, you may want to hire an attorney.

The knee jerk reaction to a lawsuit of debt is to ignore it. That makes it easier for the debt collector because they will win a default judgment for the full amount plus any reasonable costs associated with the lawsuit. If the debt is small enough, pay before it goes to court. If it is large, retain an attorney. Whatever you do, do not ignore the lawsuit. It will not go away.

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