Falling behind on bills has become a part of many people's lives. Often, that leads to having to deal with a monster more hideous than any imagined or put on a movie screen...the debt collector. These are many headed creatures that strike fear with the mere mention of their name. Despite their pitiful reputations, debt collectors are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and there are certain things that a debt collector may never say or do. Here are five of them.

  • In the past, many debt collectors would create their own court papers in order to scare people into paying. A debt collector may never send you a document that looks or is purported to be a court document unless it is real.
  • A debt collector may never threaten to have you arrested for not paying a debt.
  • A debt collector must identify itself as such and can not use a false company name while dealing with you.
  • A debt collector can not threaten to take any action that they know to be unlawful or that they do not intend to actually take.
  • A debt collector can not claim to be an attorney, police agent, government agent, or claim that you have committed a crime.

There are a huge number of things that debt collector may not do. That does not mean that an unscrupulous agency will not try to get away with some of them. This information has been brought to you by Texas Debt Consolidation.  If you are being preyed upon by a debt collector, go to www.ftc.gov to discover your rights or file a complaint.