Often times, a debt collector or collection agency will threaten a consumer with litigation.  If you have been threatened with litigation or abused and harassed by a debt collector, you have the right to file a FDCPA claim.  Under Section [15 USC 1692e] § 807(5) of the FDCPA, a debt collector is breaking the law by threatening a consumer with legal actions. In addition, they are not allowed to do the following against you:

•    Reduce your credit scores
•    Wage garnishment
•    Causing you to get fired
•    Seizing your property
•    Suing you or threatening to have you arrested

If you have been threatened by a debt collector or debt collection agency with any of the above threats due to unpaid bills, easy payday loans that didn't turn out so easy to pay down, or delinquent car loan payments, it is recommended that you contact a qualified FDCPA attorney to help you file a FDCPA claim.  These threats include harassing letters, phone calls and emails. For further information, contact this site and one of their attorneys will give you a call to discuss your case.